Vission & Mission!!

We hope that in sharing of our expertise and know how would bolster the quality of service offered to clients. This would help to attain client’s ultimate satisfaction and prosperity.

We believe it could prominently feature in client’s plan of adopting suitable strategy in improving its organization, processes, human resources and technology hence giving the competitive edge in becoming main contender in the industry.

About Us

Creative World Industries Sdn. Bhd., formally known as Creative Computer Communication, is a wholly owned by bumiputera company incorporated on 21st May 2001. Creative World Industries Sdn. Bhd. was established with a mission to meet government and non-government call for more bumiputera participation in information and communication technology industries.

This company was also established by those expertise who had been prominently involved in planning, developing and implementing Sistem Pendaftaran Tanah Berkomputer (SPTB) for Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar under Jabatan Ketua Pengarah Tanah dan Galian (JKPTG), Sistem Pengurusan Data Kadaster (SPDK) for Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia (JUPEM).

Today, Creative World Industries Sdn Bhd is in the position to offer a unique range of products and services from software, high-technology-based products and services to specialized industry expertise. Apart from providing highly skilled expertise in Information Technology, Creative World Industries Sdn Bhd also offers the specialized infrastructure-based solutions in accordance to the fast developments in the world today. Creative World Industries Sdn Bhd has also embarked on a business research and development in order to create and develop Malaysian-made products and technologies.

Quality and technical superiority are our major key criteria. Therefore, the integration of technologies must make a good business sense to our existing clients and future respectively. The ability to meet our clients' requirements and to continually serve with the highest satisfaction level is what we would strive for Creative World Industries Sdn Bhd. While we are relatively young, Creative World Industries Sdn Bhd has managed to build a wide range and depth of experience in the industry. But what is more important is the people's desire to learn in order to be the best and do what seems to be difficult or impossible. Therefore, the drive and commitment would again be our difference from the competitors.

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Your IT Supplier & Partner

CWISB can provide you an advance and state-of-the art services which will be packaged and customized based on client requirement and needs, which will help client to gain benefits from the current economy needs & had proven track record of successful Strategic Partnerships through its SMART Partnership Venture programs with parties that can complement and enhance our product offerings and services.

ICT Helpdesk

CWISB has a customer service representative who has appropriate qualifications responsible for the overall management of maintenance services and also in ensuring that equipment is operating properly. Certainly we have an experienced and qualified customer support engineer .

Network Solution

Every network is different. We engage with our clients to establish both their immediate network requirements and project their future requirements for network infrastructure. Combining high availability equipment with best in class vendor equipment, ICT consistently provide network design services to suit a wide range of client sizes.

Total IT Solution

CWISB can provide and recommend to our client practical and cost effective options that are available as part of our Total IT Solution to suit our client’s working environment, nature of business, current market demand as well as its financial capability.

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